NJACTE Performance Assessment Working Group 

You may have heard about the Performance Assessment Working Group. The group is currently comprised of twenty NJACTE members making for a strong group of assessment leaders, with many perspectives to share. It has been very busy this summer working toward the development of assessments and plans for validity and reliability procedures, with a timeline to complete the NJDOE required survey, due December 2023.  

The Group began its work in July by reaching out to our accreditors, Mark LaCelle-Peterson from AAQEP, and Malina Monaco from CAEP to meet with group coordinators Debbie Snyder, Linda Amerigo, as well as Amy Kline, President of NJACTE. We discussed the possibility of these accreditation leaders meeting and working with our group members to develop assessments and establish validity and reliability procedures.  

These initial meetings were followed in July and August with presentations by both AAQEP and CAEP, as well as documentation sharing by both presenters. Attendance was substantial at both work-sessions and both Mark and Malina did a great job of engaging their audience. As a follow-up to the work that has been done, and to determine the direction the group will take moving forward, a survey was developed and was shared out to the Group in mid-August. The results will be shared with the whole Group and our meetings will be scheduled to address this important work beginning mid-September. 

Submitted by 
Linda Amerigo, The College of New Jersey 
Debbie Snyder, Georgian Court University