AACTE’s State Leaders Institute

This past fall I had the opportunity to attend AACTE’s Fall Virtual State Leaders Institute. As newly elected member of the NJACTE Executive Cabinet, I was both honored and excited to participate in this professional development opportunity. AACTE cohosts the Leaders Institute with ACSR (Advisory Council for State Representatives) so leaders of state organizations can catch up on the latest information about state policy developments and share advocacy plans, activities, and resources with their colleagues from around the country.

The event was held on November 1, 2023 and consisted of two tracks – one focused on State Policy Issues and one designed for Association Leadership. I chose to participate in the State Policy Issues track primarily for the first session which was entitled ‘What’s the Latest on Policies to Address the Teacher Shortage?’ It was a very informative session which focused on apprenticeships, competency-based education and a model for Next Education schools and classrooms.

Given the teacher shortage in NJ, specifically, it was incredibly helpful to hear from professionals and experts around the country. The chance to take time away from daily tasks and obstacles and step back to gather and synthesize data and perspectives to bring back to my home institution and NJACTE was a welcome opportunity. The other two sessions in the State Policy track addressed the latest on the ‘Science of Reading’, not a mandate in NJ; and the latest on Censorship and Anti-DEI Initiatives. While it’s been a bit since I attended, I do have notes and resources from the sessions that I am happy to share with those who are interested in these specific state policy issues. I am grateful for the circumstances that led me to represent NJACTE at this Leaders Institute and look forward to additional opportunities.

Submitted by
Karen Grove, MAE
NJACTE Executive Committee Member
College of Education, Kean University