NJDOE Guidance on edTPA

“The New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NJACTE) applauds the Governor for his signature on the edTPA bill and his commitment and that of the Senate and Assembly to the teaching profession,” said Stacey Leftwich, President of NJACTE. “As New Jersey continues to combat a growing teacher shortage, this new law will ensure that our members can meet the demand of preparing the teachers of tomorrow. NJACTE looks forward to receiving additional guidance by the NJ Department of Education so EPPs can continue to support pre-service teachers in their programs.”

Please see the message below from our colleagues at the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE):

Please be advised, effective immediately, any candidate who has completed an Educator Preparation Program (EPP) is not required to complete edTPA in order to be nominated by an EPP for certification.  This includes candidates who have, or will have completed their program in Spring 2023 and Fall 2023. The responsibility of determining a performance assessment for program completion is the EPPs’ beginning with Spring 2024 program completers. The New Jersey Department of Education (Department) intends to promulgate regulations, offering guidance, and to provide support to EPPs as they implement the law.  Until that time, as the law takes effect immediately, the Department will begin implementation in accordance with the following general guidelines.  This guidance is general and captures the most common candidate scenarios; additional information will be disseminated in the near future.

Candidates Currently Enrolled in Educator Preparation Programs

Approved New Jersey EPPs may identify a temporary measure of pedagogical skills in lieu of the Commissioner-approved performance assessment currently required for program completion.  Guidance surrounding the notification of EPP completion requirements in order to nominate Certificate of Eligibility (CE) and Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) candidates for certification is forthcoming.

Certificate of Eligibility through Reciprocity (CE-R) Candidates Seeking Standard Certification

Provisional teachers holding a CE-R will be exempt from the performance assessment (edTPA) and may be eligible for a standard certificate upon completion of all other standard certification requirements pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:9B.

CEAS Candidates

The following candidates seeking a CEAS will be exempt from the performance assessment (edTPA) and may be issued the CEAS provided they meet all other certification requirements:

  • Reciprocity candidates pursuant to N.J.A.C. 6A:9B-8.8;
  • Out-of-state program completers; and
  • Candidates who have met all other requirements of an approved New Jersey EPP.

For any general questions regarding performance assessment requirements please email rpr@doe.nj.gov.