New Jersey Distinguished Clinical Intern Award (DCIA)

Since 1985, the educator preparation programs within New Jersey’s teacher training institutions have been invited to submit the dossiers of their three most outstanding teacher candidates into competition for this award. This annual award publicly recognizes the year’s top clinical interns with special recognition given to the fifteen top graduates awarded with distinction. An independent panel of esteemed New Jersey educators evaluates the dossiers, 64 this year, to select the 15 recipients awarded with distinction from the educator preparation programs in New Jersey’s colleges and universities.

Courtesy of the New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NJACTE), Media Cutlet was contracted to host the virtual Distinguished Clinical Intern & Cooperating Teacher Awards Ceremony to honor all the nominees and their cooperating teachers on Wednesday, June 8, 2022. This year 64 clinical interns and 76 cooperating teachers were honored for their incredible work and mentorship during the 21-22 academic year. To date, the ceremony has been viewed over 830 times by the honorees and their families, friends, colleagues, and university officials. With last year’s awards ceremony receiving over 1,300 views to date, these ceremonies are an excellent opportunity to recognize and reward the best of the best clinical interns and cooperating teachers; and to bring well deserved attention to the hard work of educators and the field of education throughout New Jersey.

The DCIA committee has reviewed the feedback gathered following the event. When asked about the favorite experience or moment from the event, some of the comments included: ‘(having) our own college present the nominees…felt special coming from someone we know and work with!’; ‘I liked that each nominee (and CT) was honored, even those that were not among the top 15’; ‘the opportunity for (all) to participate in the live chat’; and ‘the guest speakers inspirational and kind words’.

Congratulations to the 64 clinical interns and 76 cooperating teachers recognized at this year’s annual Distinguished Clinical Intern Awards Ceremony!

Visit this link for additional information on the annual NJDOE Distinguished Clinical Intern Award, including this year’s and past years’ awardees.

Submitted by the NJ Distinguished Clinical Intern Award Committee:
Nancy Besant, New Jersey Department of Education
Christine Borlan & Corina Earle, Monmouth University
Tim Frederiks, Centenary University
Elizabeth Fernandez-Vina, New Jersey Department of Education
Karen Grove, Seton Hall University
Ashley Restaino, Ramapo College
Brandi Warren, New Jersey City University