The Governance Committee

NJACTE committees are a great way for members to work together to advance the shared goals of our association.

The Governance Committee of NJACTE is charged to oversee tasks related to the governance of the association.   The committee is responsible for developing slates of officers for open positions and for conducting elections for those positions.   Another important task of the committee is to ensure that the association adheres to its own policies and rules.   Two documents set the rules for governance:  the State Constitution of the NJACTE and the Bylaws of the NJACTE.  The last significant revision of these documents took place in 2017, and in the upcoming months the Governance Committee will be reviewing the Constitution and Bylaws to ensure that they reflect current context and practices of the association.

Submitted by the Governance Committee Co-Chairs,

Linda Amerigo
Accreditation & Assessment Manager
School of Education
The College of New Jersey


Todd W. Kent, Ph.D.
Program in Teacher Preparation
Princeton University