Dr. Claudine Keenan Nominated to the New Jersey State Board of Education

Among Governor Murphy’s three recent nominees to the New Jersey State Board of Education is Dr. Claudine Keenan, Past President 2017-19 New Jersey Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and Dean of Education at Stockton University. Keenan was nominated along with Mary Bennett, an educational consultant, and Kwanghee Jung of Rutgers University. The nominations will be sent to the state Senate for confirmation.

If confirmed, the nominees will join the New Jersey State Board of Education https://www.nj.gov/education/sboe/, which consists of 13 members that serve for six-year terms. The State Board adopts the education administrative code, establishing regulations to implement state education law. These regulations cover the supervision and governance of the state’s 2,500 public schools, which serve nearly 1.4 million students. In addition, the State Board advises on educational policies proposed by the Commissioner and confirms Department of Education staff appointments made by the Commissioner.

Governor Murphy said “Not only do these nominees reflect the great diversity of our state, but their extensive experience and dedication to bettering the lives of students make them extremely qualified to serve on the Board.”

About her nomination, Dean Keenan said “I’m honored to be nominated, and I look forward to serving alongside fellow members who share my passion for continuous improvement in education.”

Submitted by Kimberly L. Dickerson, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Education, Stockton University

For further information, see the announcements from Stockton University and New Jersey State Governor Phil Murphy.